DITA (Oasis)

XML architecture designed for writing, managing and publishing information. Originally developed by IBM for documenting hardware and software before it was sent to OASIS
  • Tightly connected to the authoring discipline called Information-mapping - also known as topic based authoring.
  • The fastest XML standard for techinical content.
  • Found in many virtual forums and discussion groups meaning high accessibility of new, technical information. It is recommended to join the DITA-user forum.


A reference designation system based upon the predecessor to ISO/IEC 81346 ISO/IEC 61346.
  • A new and upcoming standard.
  • Is more and more common within the windturbine industry.
  • Likely to expand in other renewable energy sectors.

S1000D (ATA, ASD, AIA)

S1000D is the International Specification for Technical Publications utilizing a Common Source Database. It's also a topic based authoring aspect where a significant effort has been put in on how to interchange technical data between different organisations.
  • Driven by aerospace & defence industries where it is widely used.
  • Just like DITA, many virtual forums discuss the topic in great details. Advice2u recommends the S1000D-user forum.

iSpec2200 (ATA)

Specification for an aircraft manufacture's technical data.

  • Will be substituted by a harmonized version of S1000D between the Air Transport Association, AIA and ASD organisation.
  • The standard complies to civil as well as military requirements. 
  • Intends to be used across many different types of installations and vehicles, but is primarily used within aviation.