Digital Information Bridge – DIB Health Care

DIB is a solution for seamless and affordable customer driven development and deployment of digital health care solutions

DIB facilitates development of mobile health applications for patient data collection, surveillance, distribution and analysis

DIB allows you to define and build your own application for the health care community such as digital drug companion, patient surveillance, clinical trial monitoring and medical device support.

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Patient prescription compliance and improved disease management through daily monitoring, alarms & alerts and care group inclusion

Patient contact following hospitalization and reduce readmission rates

Clinical trial outcome improvement though accurate patient monitoring and data registration

Integrate medical device data capturing

Individualized design for medical aid products

DIB health has been implemented and validated for applications including:

Stoma information

SAHVA prostheses

Care-Call for Nursing Homes

Patient Early Warning Score (EWS)

Furemeda (Full Relevant Medical Data)