Advice2u works with IT customization/development and consultancy within complex technical problems. As a consultancy company selling services and non-refundable products, we are fully focused on keeping a high level of reliabilty, confidence and dialog between us and the current customer.

Example of services:

  • Development of requirement specifications for e.g. engineering-systems related to product life cycle management. This also includes content management systems handling technical documentation such as operational information, maintenance information, installation information, etc. Advice2u has developed a framework for setting up requirement specifications, making it easier to compare different bids.
  • Configuration of PDM-systems and establishment of product data structures e.g. through the ISO-81346 standard.
  • Get knowledge and official content integrated into a unified communication paradigme.
  • Setup and configuration of IT systems in relation to aircraft maintenance. This will take advantage of the iSpec ATA standards and the S1000D standard.

We are fully convinced that XML work is the highest reference and best practice to use in order to deliver reliable, quality services. Our team is highly specialized in XML technology with experience spanning from the Microsoft world to the open source environments. During the company’s years of existence, we have gathered enormous amounts of expertise and experience from almost every aspect of the industrial world. The main industrial segments we work with are Aerospace and Defense, Aviation MRO, Pharma-industry, Energy and particularly the renewable energy-sector including the wind turbine industry.


DITA (Oasis)

XML architecture designed for writing, managing and publishing information. Originally developed by IBM for documenting hardware and software before it was sent to OASIS

  • Tightly connected to the authoring discipline called Information-mapping – also known as topic based authoring.
  • The fastest XML standard for techinical content.
  • Found in many virtual forums and discussion groups meaning high accessibility of new, technical information. It is recommended to join the DITA-user forum.


A reference designation system based upon the predecessor to ISO/IEC 81346 ISO/IEC 61346.

  • A new and upcoming standard.
  • Is more and more common within the windturbine industry.
  • Likely to expand in other renewable energy sectors.

S1000D (ATA, ASD, AIA)

S1000D is the International Specification for Technical Publications utilizing a Common Source Database. It’s also a topic based authoring aspect where a significant effort has been put in on how to interchange technical data between different organisations.

  • Driven by aerospace & defence industries where it is widely used.
  • Just like DITA, many virtual forums discuss the topic in great details. Advice2u recommends the S1000D-user forum.

iSpec2200 (ATA)

Specification for an aircraft manufacture’s technical data.

  • Will be substituted by a harmonized version of S1000D between the Air Transport Association, AIA and ASD organisation.
  • The standard complies to civil as well as military requirements.
  • Intends to be used across many different types of installations and vehicles, but is primarily used within aviation.

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